lazy jb angus sires

Stevenson Easy Money 70688
Plattemere Weigh Up K360 X Down T Blackbird 5646
Registration # 18821965
DOB: 02/10/2017
Semen: $40/Unit  Certificate: $40

PAP: 42

Truly a sight to behold, impressive phenotype with extraordinary EPD data. Easy Money is a multiple trait leader with tremendous muscle, capacity and internal dimension. Big scrotal, big ribeye, big $values and good disposition; he is the ideal balance for next generation performance in a correct made pattern. With a number spread like his you’re foolish if you don’t try him! Safe for heifers and cows.

KR Cadillac Ranch
KR Cadillac Jack X KR Pride 4031
Registration# 18875651
Semen: $40/unit    Certificate: $40

PAP: 37

He was amongst some of the high selling bulls at Krebs Ranch’s sale in 2018 and a member of their Denver line-up. A bigger framed bull with a world of length, muscle shape and outstanding bone and foot structure.  PAP tested at 6,500 feet this bull has a great PAP score and is absolutely safe for high altitude. With an EPD profile and PAP score like his watch his calves go into a feedlot and convert and hang on the rail with premiums to boot! His added eye appeal and integrity make him a candidate for that showring look as well. Safe for heifers and cows.

Lazy JB Sundance 6428
KR Cash 4010 X Lazy JB Blackbird Zena 428
Registration # 18586808
DOB: 3/08/16
Semen: $40/ Unit  Certificate: $40

PAP 36

Sundance was a member of our 2017 NWSS Pen of Bulls and has proved that a bull with a great number spread can have unique eye appeal that is desired in all aspects of the cattle industry. A bull that has this much muscle, rib shape and a long extended front end is hard to find and when you set Sundance in motion you can’t help but appreciate him even more. He truly is the kind of bull we at Lazy JB Angus have been striving to produce. Use him in your commercial, registered and/or show herd and you won’t be disappointed because he simply is that versatile!


Lazy JB West Point 5696 “Jiggy”
BF First Transaction X Lazy JB Ladymere 696
Registration # 18377799
DOB: 09/03/2015
Semen: Limited Quantity Available Call For Price
Certificate: $40

West Point AKA Jiggy was one of the most talked about bulls on the show circuit in 2016-Jan 2017 where he claimed 3rd place Show Bull of the Year and Champion Senior Bull Calf Champion of the Year. He made one of Britney’s biggest dreams come true when he was awarded Reserve Grand Champion Bull at the NAILE! Known for his length of spine, deep body and ability to cover ground like no other “big bull” his career was cut short by an unfortunate heart attack the day before leaving for Fort Worth Stock Show. Fortunately, we had collected Jiggy after his win in Louisville and have flushed some of our favorite donors to him. A limited amount of semen is available.

PAP Score: 34


Ellingson Sagebrush 6234
JMB Traction 292 X EA Emblynette 1173
Registration # 18544628
DOB: 03/05/2016
Certificate: $40

Sagebrush was our pick of the 2017 Ellingson offering, thanks to our good friend Lacey Caffey for suggesting him! This low birthweight son converts great numbers of performance and ranks in the top 2-3% in WW, YW and RE. He is a total outcross to our program and will be used heavily at our operation. Look for sons and daughters of him to sell.

PAP Score: 37


Ellingson Top Shelf 5050
Ellingson Plateau 1155 X EA Emblynette 9203
Registration # 18181431
DOB: 02/23/15
Certificate: $40

Owned with: Hoffman Ranches, Semex and the Top Shelf Group
We were extremely excited when Jason called to offer us a piece of 5050 and didn’t hesitate in saying yes! This bull will be an outcross for Lazy JB and offers the added muscle, length and size we demand in our calves. The profit potential on this bull’s calves should be excellent for all levels of the industry. Look for this bull to be used heavily in our operation and flushed to some of our top donors.
21AR Capitalist 5051A
Connealy Capitalist 028 X 21AR Blackcap 3371A
Registration # 18288800
DOB: 02/08/15
Certificate: $40

Purchased from 21 Angus Ranch in their 2016 bull sale, 21AR Capitalist commanded top dollar and was 21 Angus 2nd high selling bull. Admired by cattlemen across the country this son brings an incredible number set to the table and a look that can be appreciated by showmen and commercial cattlemen throughout. With a BW of +0.1 YW+106 and turning in a REA +1.06 we look for this bull to do great things in the Lazy JB program.
Lazy JB Tito 4914                      
RCL Krick 2641  X  Lazy JB Blackbird 021
Registration #17878270
DOB: 03/26/2014
Semen: $40/unit Certificate: $40

Tito is designed to be savored by Angus connoisseurs and everyday cattlemen alike. He is the progeny of Lazy JB Angus’s time-honored method of producing practical, functional cattle that are easy on the eye and packed with performance. This outcross bull has been named Supreme Champion at the 2015 NILE, Supreme Champion at the 2015 Nebraska State Fair, Grand Champion Bull at the 2015 Western Idaho State Fair and Late Junior Bull Calf Champion at the 2015 Western National Angus Futurity. He’s said to be the “Bull the Angus breed needs”. This young sire is the only PAP tested Krick son in the country and he posted a score of 38 – he will work at any altitude.  Semen available through Lazy JB Angus and Cattle Visions.

PAP score was 38

KR CASH 4010                    
Barstow Cash x Summitcrest Elba 1W01
Rgistration #17936422
DOB: 01/24/14
Certificate: $40

Introducing our new herd sire “CASH 4010”. A member of the Kreb’s Ranch 2015 NWSS Reserve Grand Champion Carload. Solid and complete in every way…you won’t find a hole in this guy. He turned in an impressive weaning weight of almost 800 lbs. Few things are more important than quality genetics, and these genetics are as good as it gets. He will see service with heifers and bulls.



Lazy JB Breezy Sold for $33,000

Lazy JB Cashmere 517 Sold for $17,000

Lazy JB Aspen’s Jestress 536 Sold for $18,000
BF First Transaction               
Dameron First Class x BF Elba 95
Registration #17257915
DOB: 03/09/07
Certificate: $40

Co-Owned with Cody Bock, IL. This bull has produced sale topping cattle in both our fall heifer sale and spring bull sales. If you’re looking for a calving ease bull with great look and backed by the famous Dameron First Class he’s the right one for you. He sports a winning record in the showring where he was named Reserve Grand at the 2013 ROV Angus Western Idaho State Fair.  He was named Supreme Overall Breeds at the 2013 NILE and 2013 Kansas State Fair.  PAP score of 35 at 18 months of age. Semen available through Lazy JB Angus.